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Past Schedule

Remnant ~ Dark Night Before Christmas 2016
4th Dec. Germany Berlin - Forum-Factory

Tazigen Festival Vol. 4 2016
04th Dec. Buenos Aires, Argentina Domingo

Orochi ~Ryu~ Europe Tour 2016
13th Mar. Austria Vienna - Replugged
15th Mar. Germany Berlin - Marie-Antoinette
17th Mar. Germany Hamburg - Bar227
18th Mar. Germany Hamburg - J-Store ~ Purikura
21th Mar. Germany Berlin - Cafe Dujardin "Sonnensysteme" Moviepemiere

Doukoku ~慟哭~ 『Sekai continue』~Europe Tour 2015
31.Aug. Germany Berlin - J-Store
30.Aug. Germany Berlin - Stephanuskirche (& Chikara, Takushi, Ubi)
29.Aug. Poland Warsawa - Metal Cave (Plus Sozial)
27.Aug. Austria Schwechat - Aninite

Tazigen Festival Vol. 3 in Berlin, Germany 第3回多次元フェスティバル
07.Aug. Deutschland Berlin - Marie-Antoinette
08.Aug. Deutschland BerlinHeilig - Kreuz-Kirche
09.Aug. Deutschland BerlinHeilig - Kreuz-Kirche
09.Aug. Deutschland Berlin - Marie-Antoinette

Doukoku ~慟哭~ 『Sekai』~Europe Tour 2015~
07.Jun. Germany Hamburg - MaGnology
06.Jun. Germany Bremen - Nipponcon
03.Jun. Germany Berlin - Cubemoabeat
03.Jun. Germany Berlin - J-Store ~ Purikura
31.May. Austria Wien - Aera (& Ground Collapse)
29.May. Germany München - Garage Deluxe

Orochi ~大蛇~ Europe Tour 2014
05.Dec. Germany Erlangen - Strohalm
03.Dec. Germany Berlin - Marie-Antoinette

Vaniru Europe Tour 2013
04.Jul. France Paris - JAPAN EXPO
14.Jul. Netherl. Utrecht - Tivoli De Helling~AVO J-ROCK Festival
05.May. Germany München - Garage Deluxe


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